Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New additions to the Muncie and Delaware County Films and Videos collection in the Digital Media Repository

Muncie Central vs. Anderson Highland, 1968 Nov.
Are you interested in the investigation of bank robberies or basketball games? Would you like to know more about the 1968 Democratic National Convention or dog shows? These topics and many others are documented in the new films that have been added to the Muncie and Delaware County Films and Videos collection in the Digital Media Repository. Since we first announced the launch of the collection last January, it has grown to include over 400 films dating from the 1910s through the 1970s.

Muncie Board of Public Works interview, 1968 Dec.
The majority of the digitized films that have been added to the collection come from a weekly news segment produced by WLBC-TV. These films document local government, national politics, athletic competitions, community events and a wide variety of other topics ranging from 1968-1969. Those interested in Muncie and Delaware County history and government will want to examine films documenting meetings, reports and interviews with officials and government councils including the Muncie Board of Public Works and Safety, Muncie City Council, Delaware County Commissioners, Delaware County Council, and Muncie Mayor Paul Cooley.  Films documenting the proposed annexation of portions of Center Township into the City of Muncie in 1968, the ensuing debate between those favoring and opposing annexation, and the legal appeals of those opposing the annexation decision will be of particular interest to those examining political controversies in Muncie and Delaware County. Other significant topics covered by these films include the proposed construction of Northwest High School in Muncie and the subsequent controversy caused by the potential for racial segregation due to the proposed location of that school. The collection also includes films documenting the fundingconstruction, move, and cornerstone laying ceremony for the current Delaware County Courthouse. Tragic events in Central Indiana, including fires, aircraft crashes, automobile collisions, and the aftermath of the April 6, 1968 explosion in downtown Richmond, Indiana, are documented as well.

Gerald Ford and David Dennis interview, 1968 Oct.
The scope of this collection is not limited to local history topics. This collection also includes films that will be of interest to those studying state, national, and international politics and history. The candidates and campaigns in the 1968 presidential election are well documented by a growing number of films in this collection. Notable state and national political figures appearing in these films currently include Birch Bayh, Roger D. Branigan, Larry Conrad, Gerald Ford, Richard Lugar, Richard Roudebush, and Matthew E. Welsh. A film detailing a grape boycott by United Farm Workers of America will be of interest to those studying organized labor movements in the United States. Street interviews with Delaware County citizens about the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy give voice to local reactions to tragic events of tremendous national significance. Researchers studying international relations will find films documenting the hijacking of an airliner to Cuba, the Vietnam War, the Pueblo Incident, and the stance of the Republic of China regarding the then potential recognition of the People’s Republic of China by the United Nations.  

Take some time to explore the films that are currently available in this collection. You will find films documenting everything from Easter egg hunts and beauty pageants to courtroom proceedings and campaign events. You might even spot yourself in a film or be able to help our staff identify an unidentified event or person. New films are currently being added to this collection on a monthly basis and we will keep you updated on the highlights from new additions.  

For more information about films in this collection or to help us identify currently unidentified persons and events, contact Archives and Special Collections at 765-285-5078 or

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