Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Exhibit: Behind the Lens: Jerry Joschko’s Delaware County, Indiana Photographs, 1969-1978

As a well-known photographer in Muncie, Indiana, Jerry Joschko`s dedication to photography landed him a job at the Muncie Star during the 1970s where capturing life, art, and news was not only his career, but his passion. Joschko’s Muncie Star photographs were donated to Archives and Special Collections by his wife Eileen Joschko. Many of these captivating images may be remembered by those who grew up in Muncie during the 1970s.

Joschko began his career as a photography assistant in LaPorte, Indiana and went on to work for several major studios. According to his wife, Eileen, Jerry was drafted into the U.S. Army, and “liked to point out that he ‘fought the Cold War’ during his two years at Fort Ord, California, located near Monterey Bay and Carmel—home of Ansel Adams.” He often recalled meeting the iconic photographer and treasured the afternoon spent discussing landscape photography and the early introduction of photography as art.

In December 1969, Joschko was hired by Muncie Newspapers, Inc. His photographs dominated the news, sports and feature pages with photographs depicting horse racing, ballet, historic fires, landscapes, portraiture, and general events and activities in and around the Muncie area.
Joschko passed away on May 30, 2006 of leukemia. Joschko’s legacy lives on through his photography and what Eileen, their family and friends describe as his “mark” on the world.

Photographs featured within display cases 1-5 show a montage of Joschko’s work in Muncie during the 1970s from the Muncie Star. Display cases 6-8 depict examples of Joschko’s portrait work, and display case 9 features artistic photographs that emphasize his aesthetic interpretation of texture and contrast.

For more information on this exhibit, contact Archives and Special Collections at or 765-285-5078.

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