Thursday, September 10, 2009

Words from a Unique Supporter of the University Libraries: Mr. Martin Schwartz

The support of Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz to the University Libraries is inestimable. Here are his words at the dedication of the digital complex he made possible:

This is a story of a love affair with my wife Helen and our affinity for books and education. When we married almost 70 years ago, we merged our lives, our libraries, and our passion for learning. She was drawn to poetry and literature and I to history and government. Together we covered a broad spectrum of the humanities. To pay tribute to her and our hometown of more than 65 years makes this dedication a very special day for my family and me.

Our commitment to these disciplines and the libraries that house them has always been a mutual endeavor. I’m delighted and I know Helen would be too, that through our contribution this Special Collections and Digital Complex has been created. It’s a testament of our love for one another, and for books and knowledge. Thank you.

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