Monday, May 04, 2009

Archives Contributes to Middletown Article

The Archives and Special Collections staff recently contributed to "Hard Times in Middletown: How the Middle Class Became the Brittle Class," by Laurie Stern and Stephen Smith for The Real Face of Poverty, a American RadioWorks' series on poverty and opportunity in the United States.

The website states, "For almost a century, Muncie, Indiana has been known as "Middletown," the quintessential American community. But now, as the rust-belt city grapples with deepening recession, many residents are losing their hold on the middle class. Think of them as the brittle class, just one fragile rung above poverty on the economic ladder."

Effects of moving from manufacturing to service economies, a timeline of Middletown studies throughout the 20th centry, a slidehow of Muncie's early industrial life, an interview with Staughton Lynd (son of Robert and Helen Lynd) and profiles of Muncie citizens' experience with poverty are also included on the website.

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