Friday, December 14, 2007

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Donation of the Month

From the Edith Pittenger Collection, Cider Mill ad,
Muncie, Indiana, 1915

Services for Alumni

by Philip James Deloria, Archivist for Digital Projects and University Archives

Are you a member of the alumni community who would like to revisit your time spent as a student at Ball State University? Would you like to browse photographs, videos, and documents that recall some of your campus days? To provide additional library services to our alumni community, the University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections created an alumni home page as part of its Web site. Browsing these pages, alumni can view the extensive resources that the University Archives maintain to document the history of the university and the lives of the university community members. These new alumni pages can be reached at

Digital Resources

The new alumni pages present easy access to digital collections likely to be of interest to former Ball State students. Many of these resources are made available through Ball State University’s Digital Media Repository, a project of the University Libraries. The Ball State Campus Photograph Collection, commencement videos, and materials documenting significant campus events, such as Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 Ball State visit, may be of particular interest to alumni.

The site features direct links to Web-based exhibits, such as those that feature Beneficence (also known as Benny), student life, past University presidents, the College of Architecture and Planning, and the Alexander M. Bracken Library. The E-Archives is a collection of Ball State University electronic publications, meeting minutes, and other recent documents. Alumni can visit the E-Archives to read the President’s Perspective, view the University’s Strategic Plan, or browse departmental newsletters.

The University Archives’ FAQ page is where alumni can learn about University history using timelines that highlight notable events, the erection of Ball State buildings, and more.

Future Digital Resources

The University Libraries are in the process of digitizing more materials. We have copies of the student newspaper dating back to 1922 and yearbooks spanning the period between 1913 and 1996. Look for these materials to become accessible online in the future. Additionally, the Campus Photographs Collection, which currently contains primarily documents from the 1960s and 1970s, will be expanded with additional documents, including photographs from subsequent decades.

On-Site Resources and Services

The site also showcases the University Archives’ physical collections. Physical materials that will be of interest to alumni include yearbooks, Ball State directories (also known as the BBook), student newspapers, course catalogs, faculty papers, photographic prints and negatives, and the records of some student organizations.

The University Archives’ personnel are available to assist persons between the hours of 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, and from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. Alumni may also contact us with reference questions concerning University history or the use of our resources.

If a member of the alumni community needs course descriptions from the course catalogs to support transfer of credits to another institution, they can be requested via telephone, 765-285-5078, or email, For more information, contact Philip James Deloria, Assistant Archivist for Digital Projects and University Records,, (765) 285-5078.

Digital Assets Increase in 2007

Digital Initiatives and Special Collections News
by John B. Straw, Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections

We are at the end of fall semester and the 2007 calendar year, so now is a good time to look back and to look forward. The past year brought significant growth in the number of the University Libraries’ digital assets available to serve the learning, teaching, and research needs of Ball State students and faculty. The coming year will see even more growth. The number of digital objects offered in the Ball State University Digital Media Repository, a project of the University Libraries, increased by more than 24,000.

This past year, 18 new collections were added:
• Biological Specimen Collection
• Black Middletown Oral History Collection
• Black Muncie Oral History Collection
• Delaware County Methodist Churches Collection
• Doll Collection
• Fossil Collection
• Geological Specimen Collection
• Daniel Hartwig Photograph Collection of Indiana Courthouses
• The Man Haters Film Collection
• Middletown Jewish Oral History Project I Collection
• Middletown Jewish Oral History Project II Collection
• Musical Instrument Collection
• Muncie Labor Oral History Project Collection
• Other Side of Middletown Oral History Collection
• Physical Culture Magazine Collection
• St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Oral History Collection
• St. Lawrence Catholic Church Oral History Project Collection
• St. Mary Catholic Church Oral History Project Collection

We now have nearly 92,000 items.
For 2008, the following 14 new collections will be added to the Digital Media Repository in the next few months:
• Ball State University Oral History Collection
• Biology Department Lantern Slides
• Joseph Fisher World War II Scrapbook and Photographs Collection
• French Revolution Pamphlets
Hague Sheet Music Collection
• Historic Chapbook Collection
• Sarah McVicker Civil War Letters
• Meridian Services Annual Reports
• Muncie Chevrolet Plant Blueprints
• Muncie Post-Democrat Newspaper Collection
• National Association for Interpretation, Great Lakes Region Newsletters
• Ostland Atlas Collection
• Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Muncie, 1883-1911
• Teacher’s Education Lesson Plans Collection

Digital Media Repository collections, with an Indiana focus, will soon be accessible through the Indiana Memory Project Web site, which has been developed by the Indiana State Library.

In addition to the digital resources available in the Digital Media Repository, beginning in December 2007 students and faculty will be able to add their research and digital products directly to Cardinal Scholar, the Ball State University Institutional Repository being developed by the University Libraries. Watch for more information on Cardinal Scholar in coming months.

December Digital Collections

From the list of 2007 collections described above, four of them were added to the Digital Media Repository in recent days:

1. The Delaware County Methodist Churches Collection includes 53 digital photographs of Methodist churches throughout Muncie and Delaware County and a paper on the history of Methodism in Delaware County. The collection was donated to Archives and Special Collections by Richard Stowe and members of the Archives Committee of High Street Methodist Church.

2. The Biological Specimen Collection contains a wide variety of plant and animal life. The collection can be used in the study and teaching of the biological sciences. Some of the items represented are bird and mammal taxidermy, shells, microscopic slides, and mounted items such as insects, germinating seeds, and water dwelling life.

3. The Geological Specimen Collection provides digital images of various rocks, minerals, crystals, and other naturally occurring geological objects.

4. The Fossil Collection represents various types and ages of fossils. The specimens in this collection and the Biological and Geological collections are used in the study and teaching of earth sciences from pre-school to college levels. The Biological Specimen, Geological Specimen, and Fossil collections are part of the Realia Collection available in the University Libraries’ Educational Resources Collections. All of the actual specimens are available for check out. For more information, contact John B. Straw, Ball State University Libraries’ Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections,, 765-285-5078.