Monday, June 04, 2007

Salvador Dali An Archives Favorite

Ball State Students and Faculty Enjoy Seeing Salvador Dali’s Illustrations for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in the Archives and Special Collections

The University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections contains many treasures for research and learning. One of them is a limited edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with drawings signed by artist Salvador Dali.

This work contains 12 illustrations with original woodcuts and an original etching by Spanish artist Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali Domènech (1904-1989), recognized as one of the most important painters of the 20th century for his striking, unusual, and beautiful images in his surrealistic work.

The Special Collections has number 615 of the 2,500 numbered portfolios printed on Mandeure paper and published by Maecenas Press, Random House in 1969. The portfolio is signed on the frontispiece by Dali. The original colored etching signed in the plate is opposite the frontispiece.

The etching and remarques were printed by Ateliers Rital, and the 12 illustrations were printed by M. Nourisson. The portfolios were created by Cartonnages Adine. This rare and valuable item is a favorite of students who visit the Archives and Special Collections for classroom instruction. The illustration shown here is the last one in the portfolio, and it is entitled Alice’s Evidence.

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