Friday, May 04, 2007




The Ida Isanogel Huffer Memorial: A Legacy of Love-An Energy of Life

Royerton High School, Yearbook, 1943

History of the Indiana Democracy, 1816-1916

Stoeckel Archives of Local History

George H. Robinson, photo and news article, (0.1 cu. ft.)

33 Steinbeck related research archives and manuscripts, 55 books donated to the Graeffe-Japanese Studies collection, and 19 Steinbeck-related archives for Hayashi Steinbeck collection, (1.0 cu. ft.)

Information, CD-ROM with photos, photos of Kilner jars, (0.1 cu. ft.)

Muncie Symphony Orchestra Scrapbooks, newsletters, news clippings, notebooks, programs, reel-to-reel tape Programs, Resource Guide, notebooks, (1.0 cu. ft.)

Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties movie poster, signed by Jim Davis, (0.1 cu. ft.)

University Archives

Ball State Teachers College brass award plaque/disk, (0.1 cu. ft.)

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