Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Recent Donations

Stoeckel Archives of Local History

Burris School, Class of 1951, President Reagan letter on White House stationary, 1986, George W. Bush letter on White House stationary, 2001, Reunion yearbook, 2001, (0.2 cu. ft.)

Scans of postcards, memo from Central Normal College, n/d, (0.1 cu. ft.)

Hague Sheet Music Collection, 292 pieces of sheet music, 1800s-1930s, (0.4 cu. ft.)

Warner Gear History, (0.1 cu. ft.)

Twenty-two books for Graeffe Japanese Studies collection, thirty-two Steinbeck books to Archives & Special Collections Research Center

Muster-in-Roll of 2nd Lt. William H. Murray, 19th Regiment, 1864, (0.1 cu. ft.)

University Archives

Muncie Normal Institute Diploma for Everett William Hutson, 1914, (0.1 cu. ft.)

School of Music, additions, Emens Auditorium general information, season brochures and programs, 1959-2005; 1963-1964; 2004-2005, (0.1 cu. ft.)

Vic Lawhead Papers, additions, student correspondence, (0.1 cu. ft.)

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