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MSS 126 – Girl Graduate Florence Topp Senior Scrapbook, 1920, 1 box; 0.2 cu. ft.

Florence Barbara Topp graduated from Muncie High School in 1920. During her senior year she kept this scrapbook of photographs, event programs, and other materials. This scrapbook was purchased and donated to the Stoeckel Archives by a local collector in 2006.

MSS 256 - Beech Grove Cemetery Title Abstracts, 1816–1952, 1 box; 0.3 cu. ft.

Beech Grove Cemetery opened in 1841 on 1.5 acres purchased by the Muncytown trustees and located about a mile from town. After the new public cemetery opened, many local families moved family members from other county cemeteries and burial plots to the new cemetery. Over the years, Muncie’s most significant cemetery expanded to approximately 100 acres with more than 41,000 burials. A brief history of the cemetery with photographs and maps can be found in Beech Grove Cemetery Records, Muncie, Indiana, From Office Records and Tombstone Inscriptions, published by the Delaware County Historical Alliance in 1993.

The collection contains Abstracts of Title related to Beech Grove Cemetery dated 1928, 1936, and 1952 that trace the property to 1816. There is also a plat map, a plot map, and a warranty deed related to cemetery property.

MSS 257 / PSC 39 / PSC 177 - Gilbert-Andrews Family Papers, 1833–1994, 1 box; 0.2 cu. ft.

The Gilbert-Andrews family traces its roots to Goldsmith C. Gilbert (c 1795-1844), one of Muncie’s most prominent early settlers and the purchaser of the Hackley Reserve on which Muncietown grew. Gilbert was a promoter of Muncietown as a commercial town and the seat of the newly established Delaware County government, and a number of other Gilbert family members settled there. Gilbert served as Delaware County representative to the Indiana Legislature. His daughter, Mary Jane Gilbert Andrews (1825-1904), is believed to be the first white female born in Muncie. She married Daniel H. Andrews (1825-1856), one of Muncie’s first physicians. Their grandson George, also a physician, founded Muncie Home Hospital in 1913.

The collection contains an extensive family tree, three nineteenth-century land deeds, a tax letter on Andrews business letterhead, an 1893 list of soldiers buried in Beech Grove Cemetery, and a funeral bill. Related photographs are in PSC 39 and PSC 177.

MSS 222 / P 194 / PN 194 / POVA 194 / OVC 22 - Edward Zetterberg Collection
4 boxes; 1 cu. ft., additions

Edward Zetterberg was born in 1898 in Harris City, Indiana, and attended Indiana State Normal School in Terre Haute, Indiana. He served in the Navy Reserves in World War I, after which he returned to Terre Haute and graduated in 1922. Zetterberg taught chemistry at Muncie Central High School from 1927 to 1954 and worked part-time at the Muncie Sewage Plant as a chemist from 1943 to 1955. During World War II, he served with the Indiana Civilian Defense, Auxiliary Fireman, and the Selective Service Registration Advisory Board. He worked at Muncie Sewage Treatment Plant as a full-time chemist from 1955 to 1966. While a teacher at Muncie Central, he served on the Course of Study of Chemistry for Secondary Schools (1928) and Secondary School Science Curriculum Committee (1942-1943). He also established the Muncie Technical Society in 1945 and helped create the Edward Zetterberg Glacial Rock Garden dedicated at Muncie Central High School in 1973.

The collection contains material relating to Zetterberg’s service during both World Wars and his teaching career including his membership on the Course of Study of Chemistry for Secondary Schools Committee (1928) and Secondary School Science Curriculum Committee (1942-1943). News clippings, photographs, correspondence, and publications document his many other interests. There are several reports written by students after field trips to local businesses and industries. The collection includes legal size material grouped together. The photograph collection (P194) includes photographs taken by and of Edward Zetterberg of the Muncie area, including a large number of aerial photographs. See CardCat for cataloged copy of The Bluejacket’s Manual United States Navy, 1918. See also SC 451 Delaware County Retired Teachers Association, 1964-1965, and SC 452 Junior Muncie Technical Society for related material.

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