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August 2006

Stoeckel Archives of Local History

National League of American Pen Women
Records, (additions), (.5 cu. ft.)
History of Gaston sprial bound book, (0.1 cu. ft.)
Robert Stassen Collection, Burris High School materials, scrapbook of Scott Fisher, photos and Burris reunion materials, (1 cu. ft)
Center School Historical Collection, photos, newspapers, scrapbook, alumni records, (additions), (1 cu. ft.)
Muncie Illustrated, 1847 and Warner Gear baseball team photo, 1916, (.5 cu. ft)

University Archives

Making Achievement Possible Survey Summary Report,
2005, (0.1 cu. ft.)
Committee minutes for various Senate Councils and
committees, (1 cu. ft.)
A Movement, A Monument, A Man, DVD, (o.1 cu. ft)
Tornado Alley: Back Home In Indiana VHS tape, (0.1 cu. ft)
School of Music, Field Trip Notices, 1998-2004, (1 cu. ft)
International Education Archives, Faculty Files, (additions), (2 cu. ft.)

August 2006

MSS 191 /P 191 /OVA 102 - Mayor Paul Cooley Papers, 1963-1995 - 19 boxes, 18 cu. ft.
Includes files from a number of boards, committees, commissions, and other organizations associated with local or Muncie government Also contains a collection of Cooley’s personal daily planning calendars from 1963 through 1995. Also newsletters, oversize materials and photos are included.

MSS 234 / PSC 248 / PSCN 248 / OVA 234 -Humpback Barn Festival Records, 1988- 3 boxes; 0.8 cu. ft.
Humpback Barn Festival Records contain documents and activity information pertaining to the 401 Poetry Group, Christian groups, ceremonies for artistic endeavors, and the Humpback Barn Festival itself. This collection also contains the Humpback Barn Festival of Art and Poetry’s articles of incorporation as well as poems, articles, and correspondence relating to specific individuals. Publications relating to the festival, art, and poetry are also included as well as a proclamation of World Poetry Day. Additionally, a poster from the 10th annual festival (OVA 234) and a small collection of photographs and photographic negatives (PSC 248 and PSCN 248) are included as well as a hat worn by Mildred Trivers at her 90th birthday party in 2002.

MSS 208 - Christian Ministries of Delaware County Records, 1984-2000 - 2 boxes; 1.3 cu. ft.
The collection includes primarily newsletters, annual reports, and correspondence from 1979 to 1995. It also includes meeting minutes, correspondence, and reports from the Futures Committee (1986-1987,) the Long Range Planning Committee (1984-1985), and the Social Justice Committee (1987-2000). It includes the major Needs Assessment survey with its findings, the Christian Ministries Newsletters (1986-1993), and the notes from a prominent member, George Jones, Director of Religious Studies at Ball State University.

MSS 115 /OVB 33 - Muncie Branch of the National League of American Pen Women Collection, 1944-2001 - 2 boxes; 0.8 cu. ft.
This collection contains the Muncie Branch’s constitution and by-laws, its correspondence, minutes, and newsletters. Also included is information on the League’s national elections and the Muncie Branch’s activities on State Day. The collection also contains two scrapbooks, one belonging to Hope Barnes, the president from 1996 to 2001. The other is a club scrapbook with news clippings and pamphlets from 1944 through 1984.

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