Tuesday, May 09, 2006

French Revolution Pamphlet Collection Finding Aids Available

PDF finding aids with titles in both English and French are now available online for the French Revolution Pamphlet Collection. Containing more than 540 pamphlets dating from 1779 - 1815, the collection's particular strength lies in the early years of the revolution between 1789 and 1793. Major topics include laws, taxes, trade, rights, the judicial system, the creation of the constitution, the army, the church, and the execution of the king. Included is the Déclaration que S.A.S. le Duc régnant de Brunswick-Lunebourg. This pamphlet is the the Proclamation of the Duke of Brunswick, which was the primary justification for the downfall of the monarchy and the eventual execution of the king. Among the more interesting pamphlets surrounding the debate over Louis XVI’s execution is the three act tragedy entitled La Mort de Louis XVI, written by an anonymous royalist. One of the most fascinating literary pamphlets we have is Marie-Joseph Chénier’s Charles IX, ou L'école des Rois, tragédie which attacked the state’s use of censorship. There are also works by a large number of important people. These include Jean Sylvain de Bailly, Napoleon Bonaparte, Jacques Pierre Brissot, Armand Gaston Camus, Lazare Carnot, Trophime Gerard, Marquis de Lally-Tollendal, Honoré Gabriel Riquetti, Count of Mirabeau, Jacques Necker, Maximilien Robespierre, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès, and Jerome Pétion de Villenere.

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